Stress and Chiropactic

Lifestyles today are overloaded with stress​ that diminish the health of our bodies. Technology has affected every aspect of our daily routine and our bodies posture. This is only one type of physical stress that can affect our spinal joints in a negative way. Repeated physical stress can affect joint motion which may then contribute to developing joint degeneration. Emotional stress is also a common stress in our lifestyles today. If you are having a tough morning that will certainly affect your physical posture throughout the day whether it is at work, school or at home. Staying upbeat and positive will help you be more active and have positive affects on your posture as well. Chemical stress affects our soft tissues which support our spinal joints. Not providing the necessary chemicals through our diet to promote strong developing muscle and ligament tissue will negatively affect our bodies ability to support our spine and posture. In addition, a diet high in inflammatory chemicals will only further stress our spinal structure. Physical, chemical and mental stress all contribute to the development of subluxation within the spinal column. Spinal subluxation is a vertebral misalignment that creates interference within the nervous system. Chiropractors restore nervous system function by locating and removing spinal subluxations.